Just bought some of these: stripyourphone.com/

I'm not keen on cases, but would appreciate some extra grip.

@wyliecoyoteuk My bank, which is otherwise excellent, requires them to be posted and takes 7-10 days from posting to be credited.

@rpcutts I'd respect her opinion more if she was wearing a parka instead of a summer blouse.

Swearing, MH -ve 

@len I say *we*. I have never knowingly eaten one. Is Chicago known for the quality of its pizza?

@Memeghnad There is an option to migrate your account in settings. It will try to transfer your followers / follows over and mark the old account as dormant. Was pretty straightforward when I did it.

@neildarlow Microsoft continually delivers mail from my server to spam. Their postmaster tools don't show me anything because mail volumes are too low. It's infuriating. @Gina

@kev I seem to recall that Android used to support DAV natively, has that been removed? Haven't used Android in years except for my work issued phone. @pcrock

@fitheach I've never worn one, but I have donated to the Royal British Legion this year. Seems to have become a virtue signalling thing over recent years.

@Gina What a nightmare. Strange error message. Doesn't make a lot of sense. Assume it must be due to GMail enforcing some TLS settings that your server doesn't support.

I don't know of any other Active Sync clients for Android. It might be a bit flakey, but a lot more convenient than setting up Caldav / Cardav / IMAP on each device.

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