Another brilliant quote from todays edition of the local rag:

"Yeah we have had sex on the bench before, and I've n***ed him off as well but what's the issue? It was dark and we were in the mood and it didn't do anyone any harm," she said.

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@lychee True. But I've never heard the term 'noshed off' before - so I feel that I've learned something.

@jamie Haha. First time I heard it I was 15 and a fellow student announced to the classroom that "Katherine noshed off a 30 year old man at a party this weekend". 😆

@jamie @lychee I had no idea what that word was until you said this 😂

@jakecowton I really feel like I've educated the fediverse this morning. You are all welcome. @lychee

@jamie This merits the link for full enjoyment.

PS. What does 'n***ed him off' mean ? Nutted him off ? Nobbed him off. Nosied him off ?

@lychee @jamie I have never. ever heard that term ever before. Not had a blowjob for a while some to think of it. Wonder if the wife fancies a trip to Sainsbury for some pre-Xmas shopping.

@andyc @lychee Neither me or the wife had heard it before. I reckon she's an out of towner. The Yorkshire equivalent would be something like 'gobbled'.

@jamie @lychee Yeah - I've heard of 'gobbled'.

Problem with the other term is when the wife says 'Just popping out for some nosh, love'.

@andyc @jamie That article is so good.

"We're nice people and all people need to do is just come up to us and say hello if they've got a problem. We don't bite."

I could come and say hello but she won't reply - not when she's got a mouthful.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend confirms she doesn't bite... just sucks him off.

@lychee 'I'm not really a drinker, I prefer smack'.

*pictured drinking a can of special brew*


Was that also the "Asda" woman? Was that why she was banned for three years?

@jamie Lurve the photo captioned 'The offending bench'.

I certainly wouldn't sit down there to enjoy my Chicken Caesar wrap.

@lychee @jamie No although I suppose it is 6 inches long with a wide girth 🙂

@andyc I used to live around there about ten years ago. It was a nice back then. You could get a blowjob on the bench without the local rag reporting on it anyway.

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