The article presupposes that Facebook's financial power, scale and omnipotence is the measure of success. Whereas I would argue that these features are the very reasons for concern.

I wasn't aware of half of those social networks, let alone used any of them.

@fitheach Me neither. I've always been slow to jump on the bandwagon. Usually by the time I get involved they are half way to obsolesence.

I completely missed the bandwangon for those social sites mentioned in the article. Though, perhaps, I should say avoided, rather than missed.

The Fediverse has been my only journey into social networking, and I'm glad.

@jamie MySpace is still going too, but it's on there. LiveJournal is dead except for Russians and people on ohnotheydidnt, and it had millions of users worldwide at its height.

@len I never used LiveJournal, but from reading abut it now it seems like it was probably one of the better ones.

@jamie the communities on there were great. Subreddits and Facebook groups killed off their use/need, but they're not on par quality-wise, at least for my interests. It's a shame.

@jamie Friendster introduced me creepy men all across the world. Ello showed me how little I have in common with people who like pontificate in long read format. Path connected me to ... no one.
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