Look at this website. I have no idea what it says, but it's beautiful.


Chilly this morning, but that means other people stay indoors, which is where I prefer them to be.

Last one, from what has been a treasure trove of choice headlines from the local rag today:

"Someone has drawn a giant smiling penis on Hull's tallest landmark"

Oh, wow. Another gem:

"Woman cheats on husband with 3 married men after dyeing hair bright blue"

From the local rag this morning, on an article about charges for adults to get in to a play centre:

She said: "Why is there a £2 charge? What on earth am I paying for? Do I get tea and biscuits? What is the £2 actually for? Is it for charity?

"I am not a tight arse by any means, but I want to know what I’m getting for £2"

Just pay the £2, Mandy.

@fitheach Thought you'd enjoy these old posters, some of which have a similar esthetic to the old railway ones.


Email from my car insurance company today, with the subject ‘We've got a great price on your renewal!’

Fucking arseholes.

@kev Your website isn't working - some sort of SSL issue by the looks of it.

Just bought some of these: stripyourphone.com/

I'm not keen on cases, but would appreciate some extra grip.

My eight year old daughter received her Weekly Junior this morning, opened it, said ‘Ugh. Greta Thunberg again’, and threw it on the table in disgust.

Overheard on the bus today: Victoria has never had a cold. She attributes this remarkable feat to having very small nasal passages, so the germs can’t get in.

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