Just bought some of these: stripyourphone.com/

I'm not keen on cases, but would appreciate some extra grip.

My eight year old daughter received her Weekly Junior this morning, opened it, said ‘Ugh. Greta Thunberg again’, and threw it on the table in disgust.

Overheard on the bus today: Victoria has never had a cold. She attributes this remarkable feat to having very small nasal passages, so the germs can’t get in.

Another brilliant quote from todays edition of the local rag:

"Yeah we have had sex on the bench before, and I've n***ed him off as well but what's the issue? It was dark and we were in the mood and it didn't do anyone any harm," she said.

A quote from our local rag this morning in an article about a woman banned from Asda for 3 years:

“I’m not a racist, I had an ex-boyfriend who was black.”

Pretty sure that Timpsons make up the price of their keys on the spot.

Big shame about Yahoo Groups, but more evidence that data isn’t safe in the hands of companies who value profit over anything else. Email mailing lists are great, can be self-hosted, but more importantly the data stays on your devices. The old ways are still the best.


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